ULM and Hydrocopter flying Saly Saint Joseph

In Saly Saint Joseph you can take a microlight course or simply have an incredible experience by exploring the entire coastal region from the air with a pilot. If you wish, you can fly for a while yourself. Wonderful experience!!! You can also do a baptismal flight with a hydrocopter.
For more information and rates click on this link: www.saly-aerodrome.com/


   Nice videos click on this link:         video 1:           youtu.be/snQJQZVMepE

                                                          video 2:           youtu.be/FX9S9knoMfc          


Quad and/or Buggy adventure

You can rent a quad or buggy from the local Polaris dealer from a duration of 2 hours to strolls of 3 days with overnight stays.
For more information and rates click this link: www.africa-raids.com/ 
Information video; click on this link: youtu.be/5ekxEvciuK8

Boat trip at sea or go fishing at sea behind Espadon fish.

For information and rates click on the following link :www.gildas-espadon.com/peche-espadon-senegal.html

Sine Saloum Delta

The Sine Saloum delta is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Senegal. It was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. You can sail by canoe through the maze of mangrove creeks, discover the many islands and enjoy a wonderful tranquility surrounded by thousands of birds, including many rare species.

Lompoul desert area

The Lompoul desert is a small area between Dakar and Saint-Louis. The orange dune landscape is more reminiscent of the Sahara than of the surrounding areas in Senegal.
It is a fantastic experience to spend a night in a Mauritanian tent camp and enjoy the starry sky by the campfire. You can take a trip with a camel or simply roll down the high dunes.
Information video click on this link:  youtu.be/wrQbqIHu34U


Bandia Reserve Sindia

Senegal has some beautiful natural parks. The bird reserves in particular are world famous. For example, Djoud Park in the north is the third largest bird sanctuary in the world, and is home to more than 3 million birds every year in winter. The Somone delta and the Sine Saloum are also known for their large population of rare birds.
There are also some small safari parks such as Bandia reserve and Fathala, where you can take short jeep safaris among giraffes, zebras, gazelles, rhinos, ostriches, monkeys and crocodiles. For the brave among us you can even go walking with the lions in Fathala.
For more information and rates click on this link:www.reservedebandia.com/tarifs.html

Information video click on this link: youtu.be/jr_NeXpQPLM


Information video click on this link:k: youtu.be/DRqUNkqG8ZQ
For more information and rates click on this linkwww.facebook.com/ranchdebandia?_rdc=2&_rdr


North of Dakar, between the savannah and the vast dunes along the ocean, is Lake Retba. This extremely salty lake has a special pink color due to microscopic algae. You can go floating on the lake yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet. The local population lives from salt mining.
It has been discoloring more in recent months.
See information video about Lac rose here, click on the following link: youtu.be/hhmg-c0iDZ4

Accro Baobab Adventure

An ideal relaxation for children from 6 to 16 years old.
For more information and rates click on this link:www.accro-baobab.com/consultez-nos-tarifs.html?lang=fr

See link: www.youtube.com/shorts/WnEj6v9D6x0?feature=share


Jetski Saly Niakh Niakhal

Being free on the water; mega fun experience available from €15 for 10 minutes. Great experience!!!
See linkyoutu.be/ekq-ExBjk08

Karting Saly Ngaparou

For more information and rates click on this link:  www.kart-ing-saly.fr/tarifs/

Surfing and/or Paddling in the Somone

Horse riding on the beach Le Cadre Noir Saly Niakh Niakhal

More information and rates click on this link: www.au-senegal.com/le-cadre-noir,1252.html?lang=fr


Somone delta / Oyster bar

The Somone is named after a small river originating in the massif between Ndiass and Thiès. This irrigates a series of baobab forests and then flows into the Atlantic Ocean through a wide saltwater basin. Blessed with a remarkable ornithological nature reserve and one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, this place is more than worth a nice day trip. You can sail up the river in a boat, surrounded by pelicans, herons, flamingos and so many other beautiful things. On the way back you can stop at a super nice oyster bar owned by a Breton who made oyster beds in the river.
There are also a few local beach bars across the street where you can eat delicious fish or relax with a drink on the sun loungers.
The mouth of the river makes the sea turbulent here, which is ideal for surfers and kiters.
Some nice videosyoutu.be/l0PxsFAgzrU

M'bour market and fish market

It is definitely worth visiting the M'Bour fish market by horse and cart. It is a colorful African hustle and bustle and an unforgettable experience.
Information video click on this link: youtu.be/Bqb5DY6IcSY

The Sacred Baobab tree

The baobab is the symbol of Senegal. This special-looking tree adorns the landscape. Special medicinal properties are attributed to the baobab and it is considered a sacred tree because it is said to house the spirits of deceased chiefs. In any case, the baobab is a gathering place around which the traditions and ideas of a people are passed on. You can visit one of the largest and oldest baobabs in Senegal.
You can walk around this huge hollow tree through a crevice.

Île de Gorée Dakar Slave Island

This classified heritage is a unique place, imbued with the raw emotion of the past. A guide will guide you through the slave house and let you feel the misery of the slaves who started their journey overseas here. The island itself is very picturesque with its ocher and pink colored facades, its narrow streets, many local artists and nice restaurants.
Information video click on this link: youtu.be/i3dDeRHphpI

Shell Island Joal

Joal Fadiouth or the shell island, just above the Siné-Saloum delta, is an island without cars, where you walk on shells. This poetic place is the birthplace of former president-poet Senghor. At this unique cemetery, Christians and Muslims share a cemetery in peace with a view of the sea. Nice to visit this by canoe with a local guide.
Information video click on this linkyoutu.be/ESNz1LwZOsM

Play golf in Saly in Golf de Saly

For more informations and rates click on this link: www.golfsaly.com/

Casino Saly

For more information click on this link: casino-terrousaly.com/jeux-de-table/


Distillery Liqueur de Warang

For more information about a visit and a tasting click this link: liqueurdewarang.com/


Visit restaurant (according to distance to Bountou Pinkou residence)

50 meters: Restaurant Le Petit Jardin in Saly Niakh Niakhal: for more information click: www.tripadvisor.fr/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g10169892-d3487533-i348368812-Le_Petit_Jardin-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html


80 meters: Restaurant O' Petits Oignons in Saly Niakh Niakhal: Price/quality TOP and not far: only just opened:www.petitfute.com/v57216-saly-portudal/c1165-restaurants/c1031-cuisines-du-monde/2070114-o-petits-oignons.html

150 meters: Restaurant La Piroque in Saly Niakh NIakhal: klik: www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d14164851-Reviews-Restaurant_La_Pirogue-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

350 meters: Restaurant Le Clos des Papillons in Saly Niakh Niakhal: ONLY on reservation; TOPRESTAURANT: : ww.leclosdespapillonssenegal.com/restaurant-1-00.html

500 meters Restaurant Face à la mer in Saly Niakhal: TOPRESTAURANT: click :fr.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d23630382-Reviews-Face_a_la_Mer-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

500 meters Restaurant Le Royam in Saly Niakh Niakhal: royam-hotel-saly.com/bar-restaurant/

500 meters Restaurant Neptune in Saly NIakh Niakhal: hotel-neptune-senegal.com/restaurants-bars.php

1 km Restaurant Le Treizeguy in Saly Niakh Niakhal: www.autreizeguy.com/restaurant.php

1,5 km Restaurant Keparanga in Saly Saint Joseph: TOPRESTAURANT : keparanga.com/

1,5 km Restaurant Rhino Resort in Saly: TOPRESTAURANT for more information click here : therhinoresort.com/fr/instalations/restaurants/

1,5 km Restaurant/ Lounge Bar Pili Pili in Saly:  TOPRESTAURANT; recently opened in Saly right opposite Rhino Resort and can be found via Facebook page

1,6 km Restaurant / Lounge bar King Kong Palace in Saly: www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d23758053-Reviews-King_Kong_Palace-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

1,7 km  Restaurant Chez Marie in Saly: applisenegal.com/ineed-2018/annonceurs-saly/chez-marie.php

1,7 km  Restaurant Terrou bi in Saly : TOPRESTAURANT: casino-terrousaly.com/bar-restaurant-lounge/

1,8 km  Tapas/Wijnbar La Cave a Vins in Saly: TOP!! : www.facebook.com/lacavesaly/

2 km  Restaurant La Riviera in Saly; Price/Quality TOP: www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d3385496-Reviews-La_Riviera-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,2 km  Restaurant JOMO beach in Saly: TOPRESTAURANT: www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d15667826-Reviews-Restaurant_Jomo_Beach_by_L_endroit-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,2 km  Restaurant La Terrazza de Saly / Beach Bar; has just opened ; can be found right next to JOMO Beach via Facebook.

2,2 km  Restaurant Chez Nous in Saly: TOPRESTAURANT; fr.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d19791916-Reviews-Chez_Nous-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,4 km Restaurant Bigaros Dos in Saly ; Price/Quality TOP      www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d5930711-Reviews-Bigaro_Dos-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,5 km  Restaurant Safari Beach in Saly; www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d2526095-Reviews-Safari_Beach-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,6 km  Restaurant / Beach Bar Iroko Beach TOP BEACH TAPAS BAR:  www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d23598602-Reviews-Iroko_Beach-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,6 km  Restaurant / Sports Bar Le Petit Zing in Saly: www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d3525624-Reviews-Le_Petit_Zing-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,6 km  Restaurant/ Bar / Discotheque R.D.C in Saly: fr.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d10763546-Reviews-R_D_C-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,7 km  Restaurant Le Petit Rosé in Saly: Prijs/ Kwaliteit TOP; applisenegal.com/ineed-2018/annonceurs-saly/le-petit-rose.php

2,9 km  Restaurant Le Part & O: Mooi kader bij zwembad: www.tripadvisor.nl/Restaurant_Review-g10169892-d12288616-Reviews-Part_O-Saly_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

2,9 km   Restaurant/ Bar Elysée in Saly: ook relatief nieuw: info via INstagram en  Facebook

3,2 km Restaurant Beach House in Saly: www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g488113-d11913010-Reviews-Beach_House_Saly_Bar_Restaurant-Mbour_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

3,3 km  Restaurant Le Lamentin in Saly; www.lelamantin.com/en/bars-restaurants.html

3,5 km  Restaurant La Tanière: zeer mooi kader EIgenaar Hervé Renard; wel midden in de brousse: www.hotel-la-taniere-villa-metsu.com/

3,8 km Restaurant VIlla Le Petit Paradis in Ngaparou; TOPRESTAURANT: villapetitparadis.sn/80-le-restaurant.html

4 km Restaurant/ Tapas bar l'Amazone in Ngaparou: zie via Google

4,2 km Beach bar Zen playa i Ngaparou: TOP BEACH BAR: www.lacabanelounge.com/

4,4 km  Restaurant La Cabane in Ngaparou; TOPRESTAURANT: www.lacabanelounge.com/

4,5 km Restaurant Le Dauphin in Ngaparou: TOPRESTAURANT: pas nieuw via Google adres; Drève des Belges

5km Restaurant l'O à la Bouche in Ngaparou; TOPRESTAURANT: www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g1566636-d7102914-Reviews-L_o_a_la_Bouche-Ngaparou_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

6km Restaurant Les Manguiers de Guéréo; ONLY on reservation; TOPRESTAURANT; www.lesmanguiersdeguereo.sn/

8km Restaurant Le Diamont Noir in Nguekhokhe; TOPRESTAURANT; www.tripadvisor.fr/Hotel_Review-g21373267-d23551907-Reviews-Le_Diamant_Noir-Nguekhokhe_Thies_Region.html

9km Restaurant Paradise Rasta Somone: www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g304071-d9996074-Reviews-Paradise_Rasta_restaurant_bar-Somone_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html

15km Restaurant l'Echo Cotier in Popenguine: TOPRESTAURANT:www.tripadvisor.be/Restaurant_Review-g1501205-d3746332-Reviews-L_echo_Cotier-Popenguine_La_Petite_Cote_Thies_Region.html





Disco R.D.C in Saly:www.google.com/search?q=discotheque+RDC+saly+senegal&sca_esv=593560618&rlz=1C1CHBF_nlBE939BE940&sxsrf=AM9HkKn7zpJ0O4j9zZXyXONukbX57lHemQ%3A1703499408632&ei=kFaJZcuYJqKO9u8PyJGjuAs&ved=0ahUKEwjLoIHpraqDAxUih_0HHcjICLcQ4dUDCBA&uact=5&oq=discotheque+RDC+saly+senegal&gs_lp=Egxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAiHGRpc2NvdGhlcXVlIFJEQyBzYWx5IHNlbmVnYWwyCBAAGIAEGKIEMggQABiABBiiBEjxOVC_BlifJHABeACQAQCYAWugAboHqgEEMTEuMrgBA8gBAPgBAcICHRAuGIAEGOkEGPIEGIMFGLIFGNgCGMgDGLAD2AEBwgIHECMYsAIYJ8ICCBAAGIkFGKIEwgIFEAAYgATCAgQQABgewgIIECEYoAEYwwTiAwQYASBB4gMGGPIEIKJOiAYBkAYDugYECAEYCA&sclient=gws-wiz-serp

DIsco JET Club Terang'art in Saly Saint Joseph: www.google.com/search?q=discotheque+jet+club+terang%27art+de+saly+senegal&rlz=1C1CHBF_nlBE939BE940&oq=dis&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUqBggAEEUYOzIGCAAQRRg7MggIARBFGCcYOzIICAIQRRgnGDsyBggDEEUYOTIMCAQQLhhDGIAEGIoFMhIIBRAuGEMYxwEY0QMYgAQYigUyBggGEEUYPDIGCAcQRRg80gEIMjg3OGowajeoAgCwAgA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


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